AirCare has two primary services, which both start at the same point.

The difficult we can repair right away;
the impossible may take a little longer.

AirCare Technician, c.1998

The difficult we can repair right away;
the impossible may take a little longer.

AirCare Technician, c.1998

The difficult we can repair right away;
the impossible may take a little longer.

AirCare Technician, c.1998


Everyone knows that the oil in the car needs to be changed regularly. If we don't change the oil in the car, if we don't check the timing belt, or change the brake pads, then the car will eventually break down.

Your air conditioner and your heater are the same. Just like your car, they have moving parts. Electrical fittings work loose, oil pressures drop, and fluids ever-so-slowly leak out of the system.

Regular maintenance before the start of each season will help prolong the life of your system and save you money on unnecessary repairs. Well tuned air conditioners also run on less electricity, which means that you will save money on your electric bill.


Every repair includes a basic service. Sometimes, we even find that the Basic Service is all that the system needed in order to be "fixed"

If we are working on a broken system, then it usually has not been serviced in a long time. Even still, we are already present, and basic service helps to prevent other problems, so every repair starts with basic service.

After the basic service, our technician will discuss with you the repairs that need to be made and the price associated with those repairs. He will obtain your signature authorizing work, and after that, consider your air conditioning unit repaired.

We repair most systems on the same day as service. Our technicians keep well-stocked vans, so that the parts that are needed are usually on hand.

Basic Service includes:

  • Cleaning

    All parts of the components exterior to your home of your Air Conditioner (or Heater) are carefully cleaned of all the dust, debris and grease that accumulates through the year. This buildup is responsible for stopping air flow that carries the heat away from your home and keeps the system operating at peak performance.

    This includes the removing of all electrical panels to remove dust that impedes electrical signals that control your air conditioning operations.

  • Basic Maintenance

    Vibrations in the air conditioner cause electrical connections to work loose, and screws to come undone. Our technicians check all electrical connections and ensure that every connection is tightened and re-secured to withstand the season.

  • Written Report

    Every basic service includes a written report of the state of your system. This report includes critical temperature measurements and pressure readings to show that your air conditioner is in good health.

    Your Home Warranty Company will care! Before a Home Warranty will repair or replace your Air Conditioner or Heater, they usually ask for proof that you have taken care of your system properly. These reports will satisfy those requirements.

  • Recommendations

    Sometimes, but not always, our technicians will identify a part of the system that is operating below optimal levels. Like thinning break-pads, these parts should be replaced before they cause damage to the rest of the system.

    When this happens, our technicians will explain to you the repairs that should be made, discuss the pricing for the repair, and also discuss a timeline over which the repair should be made. It's always less-expensive to have the repair done immediately, but we understand if you need to delay any repairs until the repair is able to fit into your budget.