Patrick C.

“Air Care was able to respond quickly (48 hours) during a heat wave and got my AC back on. Carlos was on time, friendly and professional, very knowledgeable and had the repair done within an hour.”

Jeanette C.

“Air Care is my only choice for air conditioning and heating needs. The staff is friendly, punctual, and knowledgable. Their prices are fair and reasonable.”

Patrick C.

“Family and friends recommended Air Care for some work I needed done. I am glad I gave them a chance. Great efficient work!! Very reasonably priced! I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing HVAC service!”

Striving For Excellence

Air Care strives for excellence in everything we do. By keeping your air conditioner happy, we keep you happy. When you are happy, you tell your friends, and this is the positive circle that has helped us grow since our humble beginnings in 1996.

It is important to us that your air conditioner and your heater are cared for properly, so we ensure that every technician that we send to your home believes in the following. This list of beliefs is an Oath of sorts, and our technicians will strive to ensure that these beliefs affect our behavior on a daily basis.

Elements of the Technician’s Oath

Be a Voice
We believe that your air conditioner needs a voice. If it could tell you when it was feeling sick, it would do so. Our job is to be the communicator. We strive to hear your air conditioner’s needs and to communicate to you what it wants in order to be a happy, and healthy member of your family.
Be Honest
We believe that honesty is the only way to develop relationships within the community. We don’t frequently hear “Car Salesmen” jokes about HVAC technicians, and we strive to keep it that way by giving you the truth, every time. We sell quality comfort, not empty promises.
Be Accurate
A part of good service is being able to remove the guesswork from the air conditioner’s parent (you). We know that you worry about high price tags; most times, this is why other people neglect the air conditioner in the first place. We stand by our estimates, and this gives you the assurance that the price will be exactly what you thought it would be, and no more than that.
Be Timely
Your time is important. You may have taken an extended lunch break to meet us. You may need to leave promptly for your son/daughter’s dentist appointment. We strive to give you small appointment windows and to arrive at the beginning of the window and not the end. When we say that your appointment is between 10 am and 11 pm, we strive to be at your home ready to work by 10, and leave by 10:30.
Be Respectful
You are important to us. We strive to show each of our homeowners respect by taking the time to ensure that you understand the work that we have done, and the work we plan to do. Part of every visit should include a brief introduction at the door, where the technician informs you that he is present and that he is about to perform work on your home. At the end of every service, the same technician will review the work that has been done and discusses work that might need to be done in the future. He also will discuss your invoice and collect your payment in a way that is representing good business practices.

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